Diploma in Market Administration 2016

The Institute of Place Management is delighted to work with the National Association of British Market Authorities to offer the Diploma Market Administration training programme in 2016. The course is open to market officers and staff in associated organisations who wish to gain a sound understanding of the operational, administrative and legal issues surrounding the management of a market.

Arranged over six days starting in February 2016, you can enrol for the whole programme or, space permitting, for one or more of the individual days.

Day 1 (10 February 2016): Introduction to the Diploma in Markets Administration and Communication Skills for market managers

Day 2 (2 March 2016): Practical marketing for market managers in a competitive retailing environment

Day 3 (23 March 2016): Market laws and the law on street trading

Day 4 (13 April 2016): Trading standards knowledge for market managers

Day 5 (4 May 2016): Assessing safety risks in markets - Health and Safety At Work

Day 6 (1 June 2016): Market technical operations and effective use of market resources

To be awarded the Diploma in Market Administration, delegates will have to attend each of 6 sessions (in Derby, England) and also need to complete four written assignments of approximately 1500 words each to the required standard.

Delegates registering for the whole programme receive Associate Membership of the Institute of Place Management for the period of the course.

The course is open to delegates from anywhere in the world but you should note that some of the content, particularly relating to legal issues, trading standards and Health and Safety At Work is UK specific.

The course cost is £1,000 plus VAT. This includes all six days and submission of assignments. Individual days may be booked, space permitting, at a cost of £100 per day plus VAT.

If you wish to reserve a place, you should read the handbook giving further details of the course before you complete the application form which you can download from the NABMA website.