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3rd - 5th May 2018

Join us for another IPM study trip - this time to Naples and Cassino, Italy.

Once a year, the IPM runs an intensive study tour to a place that allows us to explore one or more aspects of place management in some depth. These tours are very special – as they allow us the opportunity to be inspired and informed by how other people and places tackle issues and make improvements. For practitioners, these tours give you time away from the everyday firefighting nature of your job, and really facilitate reflection upon how place management can be done differently and how you can innovate in your own location.  Similarly, for policymakers, these trips are an opportunity to see the sort of policy and facilitation mechanisms that work – and which don’t. Finally, for academics and students the trips will open up new research avenues (by testing theory and identifying gaps in our knowledge) as well as give lots of opportunity to apply theory in practice. 

Our delegates also learn a lot from each other.  The small group structure, facilitation from experienced guides and input from knowledgeable IPM staff make for a unique development opportunity. 

This 3-day accredited educational trip to southern Italy is a combination of site visits, lectures & workshops as well as meetings with local actors and stakeholders (municipality, universities, local partnerships, urban revewal initiatives, etc.). 

This year the study trip will be looking at urban regeneration, town centre management and citizen participation in the Italian cities of Naples and Cassino.

Urban regeneration: Naples boasts a large historical centre which has been on the Unesco list of World Cultural Heritage since 1995. Parts of this largely run-down centre are now being renewed through municipal and private initiatives. During the study trip we will hear more about such partnerships and their function, about the actors behind them and their implementation strategies. 

Town centre management in Southern Italy: Local partnerships between food entrepreneurs and universities, involvement of retailers, artisans and other professionals in the Lazio Region are some of the topics of our visit to the University of Cassino.

Citizen Participation in place management and Development: It is now broadly accepted that urban interventions and place management need citizen participation to function. There is still disagreement however on what that means and how it is done. We will meet with local initiatives and hear about their experiences with citizen participation.

The Study Tour will be hosted by Prof Ares Kalandides and Dr Roberto Bruni as well as other members of the IPM team. It takes place in cooperation with the University of Cassino.

Following the links you can find articles about Naples on the IPM blog: 

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Programme Draft


Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Individual arrival  (Naples)


Thursday 3rd May 2018 (Naples)

9:00 a.m. Programme start at Piazza Bellini

Thematic meetings: local partnerships; citizen participation.

- Walking tour of the city centre by Giuseppe D'Ambrosio (sociologist)

- Introduction to Naples at the University of Naples Federico II by Prof Enrica Morlicchio (sociologist)

- Visit to "Ex Ospedale Militare" and discussion on citizen participation.

6:00 p.m. End 


Friday 4th May 2028 (Cassino)

8:00 a.m. Travel to Cassino.

- Meeting with University of Cassino.

Themes: Place management in Valle di Comino: partnership between food entrepreneurs, the University of Cassino and the University of Edinburgh. Post Graduate course on Food and tourism development used as a driver in place development.

Art in place development; involvement of students and citizens in the reevaluation of the city centre.

Place management in the Lazio region: involvement of retailers, artisans and other professionals in 127 projects in towns and villages in the Lazio Region.

- Visit to the Montecassino Abbey and Cassino town centre.

- Dinner hosted by the IPM

11:00 p.m. Return to Naples


Saturday 5th May 2018 (Naples)

10:00 Start at Piazza Bellini

Thematic meetings: Inititatives of urban regeneration. 

- Visit to the Quartiere Intelligente project.

- Visit to the Made in Cloister project.

6:00 p.m. End of programme


Expected outcomes

After this study trip you will have:

…improved your professional skills

…expanded your knowledge on places and widened your understanding of how they work

…learned about the IPM's holistic approach to place management

…met local place managers

…connected with other experts from around the world

…earned 1,500 credit points for your professional development (CPD)



The Fees for the study tour are £850. IPM member discounted rate is £700.


Fees include:

- Lectures and workshops

- All teaching materials

- Refreshments during the day

- Three light meals

- Dinner 4th May

- Transportation for site visits


The fee does not include travel, accommodation or insurance. 


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