What should you be doing to ensure the vitality and viability of your town centre?

What initiatives or actions are appropriate and achievable in your centre?

Where do you start or if you have already begun, are you on the right track?

The Institute of Place Management has developed a new evidence-based approach for town centres that will provide you and your stakeholders with expert advice, and support the development of an effective agenda for managing change. Arising from a £250,000 knowledge exchange project supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, accessing more than half a billion footfall movements provided by Springboard and developed and tested with ten town partnerships, we can help your town centre move forward.

The Institute can work with you to organise a workshop in your centre that will engage and enthuse stakeholders. We can run the workshop as a stand-alone event or as part of a three step programme.

When a workshop is organised as part of the 3 step programme, we will be able to incorporate information about your particular town centre within it, including footfall projections.

The 3 step Town Centre Vitality Programme works as follows:

Step 1: Analysis – Review of the evidence available about your town centre performance, assessment of the town centre and discussion with commissioning partner. This will be within the two weeks prior to the workshop date.

Step 2: Development workshop – led by our expert team and working with your stakeholders – aimed at developing an understanding of the town centre and its options. This will be followed by discussion with the commissioning partner.

Step 3: Report – we will prepare a short report offering advice, information and recommendations for action. The report will be available within two weeks of the workshop date. Two printed copies will be provided for the commissioning partner together with a digital copy.

Whether you book the 3 step programme or a stand-alone workshop, the programme will be led by Simon Quin, who is Director of Place Management with the Institute of Place Management. Simon has worked with town and city centres for some twenty years as an economic development consultant, researcher, and Town Centre Manager. He is a former Chief Executive of ATCM, and a former Board Member of the International Downtown Association and Town Centre Management Europe. He led the work with the ten towns that were part of the High Street UK 2020 project.

Working with Simon will be Cathy Parker, Professor of Marketing and Retail Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University and Chair of the IPM Executive Board. Cathy led the High Street UK 2020 research programme and is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Place Management and Development. Also involved in the team is Steve Millington, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of Place Making with the Institute. Steve was one of the lead investigators on the High Street UK 2020 project.

The full 3 step programme is available at a cost, subject to VAT, of £4,000 and the stand alone workshop at a cost of £2,000.

Want to know more and how to book a date? Email Simon Quin at simon@placemanagement.org