IPM visit to Moscow and St Petersburg

Professors Dominic Medway and Cathy Parker visit the Higher School of Economics, Russia.


On the 9th and 10th of October 2017, Dominc Medway and Cathy Parker will be visiting the Higher School of Economics, at the kind invitation of IPM Fellow Dr Kirril Rozkov.

The Higher School of Economics is developing international recognition for place management and marketing. Cathy and Dominic will be presenting a lecture 'Place management  theory and practice:before and after global political shifts in 2016' at 18.10 on 9th October at HSE at Kirpichnaya, 33. From 19.00 to 22.30 they will taking part in a masterclass on Russian place management practices, hearing from projects from around the country that are adopting place management principles to make urban improvements.

On 10th October Cathy and Dominic will take part in a round table discussion 'Responsible tourism in Russia' at the State Darvin’s Museum. At 18.10 Cathy will give a lecture on 'Localisation as a marketing strategy for small retailers'. At 18.50 Dominic will give a lecture on 'Multisensory marketing futures’.

St Petersburg

On 12th October Cathy Parker and Dominic Medway will be in St Petersburg, at the kind invitation of Dr Elena Chicherina. In St Petersburg they will present a lecture on 'What do experts argue about? An overview of problematic areas in place branding and marketing'. They will also hear the intermediate results of the long-term research project of the Laboratory they are visiting and offer feedback on several working papers from the academics working there.