Join us for 'Meanings and Feelings of the ‘Street’: BMX and Skateboarding Shared and Multi-Use of Urban Space'.


Saturday 4th November 2017 - 13:00 -16:00 Brooks Building, 53 Bonsall St, Manchester, M15 6GX UK

This event brings together academics, policy makers, industry figures, architects and exponents of skateboard and BMX to explore ‘street’ BMX and skateboard culture, potentials, barriers and solutions for shared multiuse urban space. This will include a panel discussion, photographic exhibition and film screening depicting the drivers and urban benefits of these cultures. The session will be of particular interest to those interested in urban cultures, multiuse space, architecture, urban planning.

Street’ riders or skaters are predominantly attracted to riding or skating in spaces that are not designed or intended to be used in such a way. These skaters and riders may feel constrained by skate parks, competition regulations and limiting options for when, where and how to ride or skate. Instead, they are drawn to riding and skating in environments that demand high levels of imagination, creativity and resilience. Some street riders and skaters many would not describe BMX or skateboarding as a sport, but instead as a culture or way of life.

It is with these factors in mind, including the growth of popularity of ‘street’ BMX and skateboarding and therefore increased use of urban public space, that the topic is important in progressing concepts of multiuse urban space and urban cultures. Increased skateboarding and BMX in public urban space, if considered in a policy silo, could generate marginalisation of BMX riders and skaters. However, in generating collaborative solution focused discussion and raised awareness, the social sciences, policy makers, industry and importantly BMX and skateboard communities can find ways forward in creating safe shared multiuse urban spaces. This public seminar will engage all of these stakeholders and an audience including BMX riders and skateboarders to begin to open up this important conversation.