By April 2019, the UK is set to withdraw from membership of the EU. On the frontline of societal and economic change, our towns and cities face uncertainty at a time of political turmoil in Westminster. 


The shock result of a hung Parliament in June's General Election has greatly heightened this uncertainty with a lack of direction or clear strategy in the Brexit negotiations. ATCM has worked hard to inform members of what the opportunities and challenges will be for different types of urban economy, including coastal towns, former industrial towns, market towns and metropolitan cities. However, there is now a clear desire from our membership to go a step further and act to reduce this uncertainty by playing a proactive role in shaping the urban policy landscape once the UK departs from the EU. Responding to this desire, ATCM is launching ‘Pathway to Resilience’ a concerted effort to prepare our towns and cities for success whatever the outcome of the negotiations and impact of a new relationship with the EU.


Pathway to Resilience recognises that, whether we are in or outside the EU, whether we are inside or outside the Single Market, we could do much more to support our towns and cities through inward investment, cutting business costs, lowering barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, regeneration, boosting the tourism economy and enhancing quality of life. It is for ATCM, with its family of BIDs, town centre managers, economic development officers and Town Teams, to develop a pathway for policy-makers to follow to ensure our urban economies are resilient, regardless of the shifting global landscape.


Our first event, ‘Shaping the Post-Brexit Urban Economy’ will be a national, cross-sector conversation to inform ATCM’s policy positions in a number of key areas. It will be a mix of informative plenary sessions interspersed with roundtable discussions to construct a coherent plan for future-proofing the urban economy. This is your chance to influence public policy for the urban economy. Are you ready to get involved?



1. Brexit and the Urban Economy

The first session will explore the implications Brexit could have for different towns and cities across the UK and Ireland. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Naomi Clayton (Policy and Research Manager at Centre for Cities)
  • Ojay McDonald (Public Policy Manager, ATCM)
  • Leigh Brown, (Perth City Centre Manager and Chair of ATCM)
  • Nadia Broccardo (Chief Executive, Team London Bridge)
  • Bill Addy (Chief Executive, Liverpool BID)
  • Rachel Baconnet (Tourism and Town Centres, Warwickshire County Council)
  • Richard Guiney (Chief Executive, Dublin City BID).


2. A National Conversation about Supporting our Towns and Cities

This will be our consultation session where we will faciltate discussion around 8 core themes relating to town centre public policy. This will be announced in due course.


3. Bringing our Ideas Together

This session will bring policy recommendations together in order to provide a platform for advocacy in the House of Commons through the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Town Centres.

This is not an event organised by the Institute but is listed here because we think it will be of interest to members. For more information, please contact the event organisers: ATCM.