The Future of Urban Green Space

Location: Norfolk Heritage Park, Guildford Avenue, Sheffield, S2 2PL                                                                        
Date: 7 November 2017
Time: 09:30 - 13:30 

As part of the Festival of Social Sciences, Jill Dickinson of Sheffield Hallam University would like to invite IPM Members to attend 'The Future of Urban Green Space'. Bringing together Academics, policymakers and practitioners to explore the future of urban public green space and to consider what can be done to safeguard the Green Spaces in our towns and cities.

Enjoyed by over half the UK’s population every month, Urban Green Spaces are critical for people's health, wellbeing and help support the economy of urban areas.  Urban Green space include parks, woodlands and smaller more informal spaces mandated by Local authorities. Financial pressures on policy makers at Local authorities have caused the provision and maintenance of these spaces to be at risk, despite acknowledgement of their importance. 

This session will explore questions such as how will green space be managed in the future, and by whom? And what are the implications of these changes for fair and equal access to urban green space?

To register for the event, use the link on the right hand side of this page.

*UPDATE - at present the event is sold out, however more tickets may become available