A suppliers meeting was held last month at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government in London to discuss the forthcoming High Street Task Force for England. Institute Co-Chair Simon Quin attended the meeting to hear the latest update and confirm to Ministry officials that IPM is very interested in leading the development.

Although full details of the tender have not yet been released, the High Streets Task Force is expected to deliver many of the recommendations identified by Sir John Timpson and the Expert Panel, appointed by Jake Berry, Minister for High Streets, last Summer.

In particular, the High Street Task Force is expected to support locally-led transformation, providing expertise, knowledge and data, as well as being a collective voice for high street stakeholders.

We feel that the Institute is well placed to offer such an important service as we are the professional body for people who make better places. Owned and operated by Manchester Metropolitan University, but with our own constitution to serve the needs of members, the Institute has pioneered research, qualifications, training and other support that has enabled place partnerships to transform their high streets.

Although we feel we are best-placed to lead the development, we firmly believe the most positive impact will be achieved by working with partners that have:

a) relevant professional expertise and capacity to share
b) well-developed networks to reach local authorities, local partnerships and local leaders
c) data that measure high street performance and/or can be utilised in diagnostics or forecasting

Over the next few weeks we will be approaching key organisations that may be willing to collaborate with us on this important development for England’s high streets. If, however, you would like to discuss this with us, please email Simon Quin

Tenders will have to be submitted by 9th May.