Dr. Adriana Campelo (Chief Resilience officer for Salvador Brazil) travelled to the UK to visit the Institute of Place Management and members and learn more about how towns and cities understand and build resilience. The concept of resilience has grown in popularity amongst place policy makers and managers in recent years, as it recognises that places are always subject to a range of challenges, and so building capacity to adapt becomes imperative.

Catherine Turness Executive Director of IPM and The BID Foundation scheduled a number of meetings for Adriana with key place managers.

Adriana said, "It's been an extremely useful visit for me. The team from the Institute of Place Management and The BID Foundation organised meetings, visits and seminars enabling me to learn how BIDs and other groups are tackling challenges in the UK. We might be divided by an equator, but together we face some pretty big problems, like how our cities can become fairer and more resilient."

One of Adriana’s meetings was with CityCo, a city-wide membership organisation that also manages Manchester’s Business Improvement District (Heart of Manchester BID) representing over 400 shops, restaurants and other leading consumer brands in the city centre.

‘We were pleased to discuss our shared experience with Adriana, comparing notes on how Manchester has adapted and evolved during its ongoing regeneration, with partnership working at the fore throughout.” said Phil Schulze, Heart of Manchester BID Manager.

Adriana was able to get key insight into projects and ongoing work to develop Manchester as well as share her own best practice from her time in Salvador.

Vaughan Allen, CEO of CityCo welcomed the discussions and comparisons with the Brazilian city, “Subjects discussed included how the Manchester region has worked together to develop its portfolio of cultural, sporting & historic assets, alongside major public & private sector investment. We also discussed current projects and priorities on everything from marketing the city through to helping respond to the challenges of social deprivation and crime. It was very useful to hear how this compared to Adriana’s experiences in Salvador”

Along with her meetings, Adriana also presented to IPM members at the latest research seminar. Adriana’s presentation was titled “Building a resilient city: the experience of Salvador, Brazil”, explored her work in Salvador with the 100 Resilient Cities initiative, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. The aim of the initiative is to ‘help cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st Century”.

Adriana discussed the challenges facing Salvador in depth mentioning; Poverty, social inequality, unemployment and crime as some of main barriers to growth and development. Dr. Campelo emphasised the importance of working in partnership in order to build resilience.

Adriana Campelo, already a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management is looking to work with Institute of Place Management on future projects, one of which may be a Special Issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development dedicated to the topic of resilience.