On 12th June, leading retail and place management experts came together to prepare a response to the call for evidence from the UK Parliament's Select Committee on Housing, Communities and Local Government Inquiry on the High Street in 2030.

The event in London brought together more than a dozen BIDs, local authority representatives, and leading commentators and experts such as Professors Kim Cassidy and Alan Hallsworth, Bill Grimsey, Michael Bach, Polly Barnfield, and Jeff Caplan. They heard from Ojay McDonald and Leigh Brown of ATCM, Andrew Cooper and Catherine Turness of The BID Foundation, Jon Burnett of Springboard and Professor Cathy Parker, Simon Quin and Steve Millington from IPM before working together to identify key areas that need addressing at a national level if High Streets are to have a viable future.

The preliminary findings from the workshop sessions were outlined, but these are now being written up and will be posted when available as well as being submitted to the Inquiry.

We would encourage everyone with an interest in the High Street to make a submission but you must do so before the 22 June and details on where to send submissions are here.

The event was organised by the Insitute of Place Management, The BID Foundation and ATCM. Thanks to all who attended and took part in the energetic debate.