The Corfu Symposium on Managing & Marketing Places is an annual event dedicated to developing the theory and practice of place management and marketing held on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.  Unique amongst academic conferences, this Symposium offers scholars the opportunity to engage directly with place making, management and marketing issues. as the Symposium includes local businesses, policy makers and other stakeholders eager to implement cutting-edge research that can make a positive difference to Corfu.

In 2017 we held an open event in Corfu Town where local businesses and tourist related organisations could hear short presentations from the academics whose research could have a real impact for Corfu. We built on this even further in 2018, hosting an open business forum that engaged local business people and delegates to the Symposium in identifying and prioritising the key issues affecting tourism development and place management in Corfu.

Christina Panagiotidou of Green Corfu met with various members of the business community and policy makers in March 2018 to gather further information on the issues they considered to be of importance to effect tourism development and place management on the island. The result of her discussions was the identification of 45 problems the island faces right now. In general, these problems fell into three main categories of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Information and Technology
  • Types and number of tourists

The issues were then prioritised using proven methodology adopted by the IPM for a project examining the performance of UK High Streets (High Street UK 2020). Led by Professor Cathy Parker, Chair of the Institute of Place Management, and Professor of Marketing and Retail Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University, delegates worked with members of the local business community to address the key issues from the above that could have the most impact on the island and over which the local business community could have the most control.

The results of this research and led to the identification of 10 priority factors that Corfu should consider to “Get on with it” in order to have the most impact and over which the local community has the most control in order to improve tourism development on the island in the short term.

You can read the full report and find out the recommendation we have made to address each of these priority factors in the report.

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