The BIDs Alliance

This new structure is the place for BIDs within the Institute of Place Management. It is open only to BIDs and aims to:

  • Provide a trusted and authoritative voice for BIDs which will develop understanding of their role and significance.
  • Engage with key stakeholders, particularly national government, local government, and businesses who operate in multiple locations
  • Support and accredit BIDs to ensure minimum consistent standards, accountability, transparency, and good governance.
  • Advance the innovation, adoption or quality of products and services that can improve BID performance
  • Be a community for BIDs

By forming a strategic alliance with other BIDs and the sector’s professional body, you will gain the following:

  • membership of a national BIDs community (BIDs Alliance) that will be a powerful voice for BIDs. This will have its own representative Council comprising representatives of BIDs from across the country
  • strong leadership and advocacy for BIDs through the appointment of a senior and respected BIDs Alliance Director and a Policy and Public Affairs Director to ensure that BIDs influence policy, direct research and funding agendas, and speak directly to key stakeholders
  • professional recognition across the place management sector for your BID, its staff and your board
  • full membership of the Institute of Place Management with the opportunity to participate not only in the BIDs Alliance but in the BIDs Special Interest Group and those on managing places, marketing places, making places and responsible tourism
  • free access to both the BIDs Alliance member area with a BIDs database, details on levy payers in multiple locations, key stakeholder contact information, briefing and policy papers on place and BID matters, best practice showcases and FAQs, plus the opportunity to showcase and share your work with other members and important stakeholders as well as free access to other support facilities for Institute members (some of these are in development)
  • free access to the Journal of Place Management and Development, one of the world’s top ranked journals for urban studies as well as access to Institute research and other place management resources
  • opportunities to participate in research programmes bringing insight and potential funding to your BID
  • a programme of thematic regional workshops, bringing BIDs together around key issues you have identified
  • discounted access to conferences and events provided by the Institute and other partners
  • discounted fees for professional development courses including the MSc in Place Management and Leadership, postgraduate certificates, diplomas and Masterclasses
  • opportunities to participate in the development of accreditation programmes for BIDs, BID training and education programmes as well as set standards for those that support the industry
  • participation in a worldwide membership network of place management professionals, researchers and policy makers
  • membership not only for your BID but also individual professional membership for staff and board members (this varies dependent on BID levy - see here for more details)

By establishing the BIDs Alliance within the Institute, we can ensure that BIDs themselves drive the agenda setting and the direction that we take to develop the industry. This will be fully supported by the Institute through the BIDs Alliance Director, our Policy and Public Affairs Director and through our administrative systems. We will support the creation of a separate legal identity for the BIDs Alliance, if this is the best way forward.

Over the next 12 months:

  • the administrative systems will be put in place to setup and support the BIDs Alliance, including developing the necessary databases that the industry needs
  • a permanent BIDs Alliance Director and Policy & Public Affairs Director will be appointed (we have two existing Institute Directors acting in these posts at present)
  • the BIDs Alliance Council will be established as the representative force for the industry
  • we will develop a trusted and authoritative voice for the industry and work with stakeholders of all kinds (from the public, private and community sectors) to understand their issues and how best they can be addressed
  • we will develop a marketing and communications strategy to support the strategic aims of the BIDs Alliance (a trusted and authoritative voice for BIDs, strong relationships with national stakeholders, good governance and improved performance)
  • we will explore the development of a trusted, independent accreditation and quality assurance programme for BIDs
  • we will support the development of individuals working for BIDs and those serving on BID Boards through existing Institute of Place Management programmes and explore what further development needs are required
  • we will work with all BID members to ensure they have the advice and support they need to ensure their continued role in successfully managing places
  • we will work with other suppliers to the BID industry to improve innovation, take-up and quality of the products and services they provide

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The top photo shows some of the participants at one of our working sessions in developing the BIDs Alliance. No endorsement of the Alliance is indicated by the engagement of participants in these sessions.