Institute of Place Management 4th International Biennial Conference

Inclusive Placemaking

Special Track: Business Improvement Districts and Business Networks 

In partnership with the BIDs Alliance


7th September 2017, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK

Join this special day-long track and explore inclusive placemaking from a BID and business network perspective.

What role do Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have in local placemaking? Can this role be inclusive? Some commentators have argued not, seeing them purely as a global and inappropriate policy model that only reflects commercial interests (Ward and Cook, 2014; Stein et al, 2015).  On the other hand, others suggest that by being embedded and adaptable to local conditions, BIDs have a clear role in placemaking (Morcol et al, 2014; De Magalhaes, 2014).

After an enthusaistic response to this debate, in partnership with the newly formed BIDs Alliance, this special track will present the more inclusive placemaking practices of BIDs and business networks.  Presentations will be of interest to BID managers and employees wanting to explore a wider role for BIDs, as well as board members, academics and policy makers.

BIDs and placemaking practices

  • Inclusive placemaking for Colmore BID: An incremental approach to co-producing civic space
  • Improving the customer experience in BIDs and retail areas
  • Walking in Central London - Challenges and opportunities
  • Remaking places through a framework for action: Repositioning, reinventing, rebranding and restructuring

Business engagement in BIDs and other placemaking networks

  • Inclusive placemaking practices of small business owners
  • Carlisle food, family and place: it’s complicated - Inclusive placemaking considering business as actors in local communities
  • Exploring community in the context of independent co-operative food retailers
  • Supporting local shopping provisioning through the creation of a sense of place: The role of networks and networking

BIDs' contribution to housing and residents

  • When BIDs do housing and housing does BIDs
  • Breaking down barriers to resident engagement and involvement: Brixton BID

International perspectives 

  • Driving inclusive placemaking in Albania: AADF and the new BID movement
  • BIDs in Germany - structure and challenges



Delegates wishing to attend this special one-day track can either register for the full conference or just book for the one day. Delegates registering for the full conference are welcome to attend any of the conference sessions or tracks.  A full preliminary programme is available here.
For more information, please contact Gareth Roberts 


Conference Pricing

Pricing for the conference is as follows:

  • Standard price: £385
  • IPM Member price (also applies to Landscape Institute members): £295
  • PhD student price: £250
  • Manchester Met staff price: £295
  • Single day price: £195
  • Optional conference dinner (Thursday 7th Sept): £70


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