We aim to develop this area of our site as a resource on current and emerging policy and research on town and city centres, downtowns and mainstreets. We will also be posting suggested readings here from Journals and other publications.

We plan on growing this over time and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

There are more than 260 articles that relate to factors contributing to the vitality and viability of town and city centres, downtowns and mainstreets in our High Street UK 2020 reference list. These articles are not just from the UK but relate to examples from around the world.

Other publications that we think are of interest include:

  • Adaptable Suburbs Project (2014) The Past, Present and Futures of the High Street The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London, London available online here
  • British BIDs (2016) Nationwide BID Survey 2016, British BIDs, Ipswich available online here
  • Canadian Urban Institute (2013) The value of investing in Canadian downtowns Canadian Urban Institute, Toronto available online here
  • Coca-Stefaniak JA, Parker C, Quin S, Rinaldi R, Byrom J (2009) Town centre management models: a European perspective Cities 26 (2): 74-80 available online here
  • Dobson J (2015) How to save our town centres - a radical agenda for the future of high streets Policy Press, Bristol info here
  • Donaghy M (Ed.)(2011) How to prepare a strategy for your town: a practitioners guide - key issues and considerations The Scottish Government, Edinburgh available online here
  • Ellen IG, Schwartz AE, Voici I (2007) The impact of Business Improvement Districts on property values: evidence from New York City Working Paper 07-01 Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University, New York available online here
  • Feehan, D., Feit, M. D. (2006) Making business districts work: Leadership and management of downtown, main street, business district, and community development organizations. Routledge, New York info here
  • Findlay A, Sparks L (2009) Literature review: policies adopted to support a healthy retail sector and retail led regeneration and the impact of retail on the regeneration of town centres and local high streets Institute of Retail Studies, University of Stirling, Stirling available online here
  • Hart C, Stachow G, Rafiq M, Laing A (2014) The customer experience of town centres Loughborough University, Loughborough available online here
  • Hoyt L, Gopal-Agge D (2007) The Business Improvement District Model: A balanced reveiw of contemporary debates Geography Compass 1 (4): 946-958 available online here
  • Hughes C, Jackson C Death of the high street: identification, prevention, reinvention Regional Studies, Regional Science 2 (1): 236-255 open access article read here
  • Leinberger CB (2005) Turning around downtown: 12 steps to revitalization Metropolitan Policy Program Research Brief, Brookings Institution, Washington DC available online here
  • Levy P, Gilchrist L (2014) Downtown Rebirth: documenting the live-work dynamic in 21st Century US Cities International Downtown Association, Washington DC available online here
  • Markusen A, Gadwa A (2010) Creative Placemaking National Endowment for the Arts, Washington DC available online here
  • McAteer B, Stephens S (2011) Town Centre Management: a solution to the challneges facing urban centres in Ireland? Journal of Place Management and Development 4 (3): 264-271 free access to IPM members or info here
  • Michel, B., Stein, C. (2014). Reclaiming the European City and Lobbying for Privilege: Business Improvement Districts in Germany. Urban Affairs Review, 51 (1) 74-98 available online here
  • Millington S, Ntounis N, Parker C, Quin S (2015) Multifunctional Centres: a sustainable role for town and city centres Institute of Place Management, Manchester read here
  • Mitchell J (2008) Business Improvement Districts and the shape of American cities State University of New York Press, New York info here
  • National Main Street Center (2014) The Future of Main Street Main Street Now Fall Edition, Washington DC available online here
  • Parker C, Ntounis N, Quin S, Grime I (2014) High Street research agenda: identifying high street research priorities Journal of Place Management & Development 7 (2):176-184 free access to IPM members or info here
  • Peel D, Lloyd MG (2010) Wrestling with the value-added of Business Improvement Districts: efficiency, accountability, and contractual governance in Scotland Public Performance and Management 33 (3): 401-422 info here
  • Peyroux, E., Pütz, R. and Glasze, G., 2012. Business Improvement Districts (BIDs): the internationalization and contextualization of a ‘travelling concept’. European Urban and Regional Studies 19 (2) 111-120
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (2008) Managing town centre partnerships: a guide for practitioners Department for Communities and Local Government, London available online here
  • Retail Consultation Forum (2017) A Framework for Town Centre Renewal Department for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Dublin available online here
  • Teller, C., Elms, J. R. (2012). Urban place marketing and retail agglomeration customers Journal of Marketing Management, 28(5-6), 546-567 available online from Institute of Retail Studies, University of Stirling, Stirling
  • UKAuthority (2015) Smart Places Today Department for Communities and Local Government, London available online here
  • Vaughan L (Ed.) (2015) Suburban Urbanities - Suburbs and the Life of the High Street UCL Press, London available online here
  • Wood, S., Baker, R. G. (2014). Consuming spaces or living places: the competition policy and centres policy dilemma for Main Street planning. Urban, Planning and Transport Research, 2(1), 1-21 available here as an Open Access Journal from Taylor & Francis
  • Wrigley N, Lambiri D (2015) British High Streets: from crisis to recovery? A comprehensive review of the evidence University of Southampton, Southampton read here

You may also get ideas from watching a short video entitled "Re-imagine Downtown Vancouver" (2015).

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