IPM Student Society

The aim of the IPM student society is to provide useful information and resources for all students that are interested in the study of place. We are envisioning an online networking hub, where students from a variety of disciplines (business, geography, tourism, architecture, planning, economics to name a few) will have a chance to contribute towards the development of place-related fields, such as place management, place branding, place marketing, tourism marketing, place making, etc. Our ambition is for this new networking space to become an exemplar of information regarding place-related studies for all students and a focal point for networking and collaborations between students and institutions around the globe. 

What we do

We aim to provide a variety of services, features, activities and events that will help students towards professional and academic development in their related fields. These will include:

Professional development services 

  • Career advice from our network of place managers, retail experts, town centre managers, town planners, etc.  
  • Business support 
  • Networking and employability events
  • Internships

Academic services 

  • Access to data resources from the IPM database and our network of towns
  • Support/advice for publishing in journals such as the Journal of Place Management and Development 
  • Information about research opportunities and research grants 
  • Information about conferences/symposiums
  • Academic seminars/webinars & workshops
  • How to conduct place-related research - methodologies & methods advice and support 

Other Activities/Events 

  • Student exchange opportunities 
  • Visiting students support 
  • Trips/excursions/walks


The IPM student society has its own dedicated Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1155630671133388/). News and information about all the above services will be provided, and members are encouraged to contribute by sharing their stories, research experiences, future research ideas, articles and reviews, etc., in order to nurture discussions and collaborations, as well as further the knowledge in their related fields. 

Please join us in this attempt to create a multi-disciplinary research and business hub for students interested in places. For more information on how to take part in this, or if you want to share your thoughts and ideas about the society, send an email to n.ntounis@mmu.ac.uk. 

Nikos Ntounis