Study for a postgraduate qualification in place management and leadership with the leading international Institute.

Increasingly more local councils and other public service providers are understanding the benefits of taking a place-based approach to achieve economic, social, environmental and cultural improvements for communities. Taking a place-based approach requires skills and knowledge in partnership development, placemaking and place leadership. Manchester Metropolitan University, in the UK, has been at the forefront of research understanding what makes successful places, and how place management, or coordinated, interdisciplinary action across the public, private and voluntary/citizen sectors, can make a profound difference. This research has been conducted internationally, and now the University's Institute of Place Management is offering a Post Graduate Certificate in Place Management and Leadership to Australian practitioners. 

The course takes place in Australia and Manchester between November 2019 and July 2020. Students will study Principles of Place Development, Theory and Practice over 3 days in Adelaide in November 2019 (3rd, 4th and 5th). These workshops will take place at the University of South Australia, and will be taught by a team of experts from the UK and Australia. Students may wish to continue their development by attending our International Conference, organised in partnership with Regional Development Australia. More details are available here.

Students also travel to Manchester in May 2021 for an additional 3 days to study Principles of Place Leadership, Governance and Partnership Development, with a study tour included. Both units require students to pass Masters-level assessments (a group presentation, individual essay and a Critical Incident Technique research project). There is online learning support for the assessments, readings, discussion groups and webinars. Students are expected to dedicate around 5-10 hours a week of distance learning to complete the course. The total cost for the PG Cert is £3,177 (aprox 5,500 AUD). This does not include travel or accommodation costs.

Potential candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate in Place Management are expected to be practising place managers, or in supporting roles (such as place marketing, economic development, destination management etc.). If you are interested in studying with us, then please contact the Course Leader, Dr Steve Millington, via the form below to discuss the course in more detail.


We very much hope you will join us in November 2019. Our place management and leadership qualifications are transformational - both for individuals and the partnerships and places they work in.

Here is what some of our most recent graduates said about the course:

“I got a huge amount out of the course - both in terms of the academic learning, which I found fascinating, but also in the creation of a new network of place management colleagues.” 

“The course started helping me straight away in my new role as a BID manager"

“The course was delivered with a high level of excellence by the teaching staff who were also very down to earth, supportive and personable.” 

"You learn so much about the different aspects of places, from so many perspectives. Anyone who wants to make their town, village or city better should do this course"

Students have studied with us from Australia, India, Europe as well as the UK.