Study with the IPM

We are hosting a webinar to introduce you to the course and give you the opportunity to hear from course tutors, current students and graduates of the course, as well as learning more about the qualifications we offer.

During the hour-long webinar, we will be explaining the content of the MSc, PG Diploma and PG Certificate in Place Management and Leadership and hosting a Q&A session. We will also be delivering a short taster session to give you an example of the type of content you will learn.

If you are interested in postgraduate study in place management and leadership, this webinar will be a perfect introduction to what it is like to study with the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We are hosting a full taster day at Manchester Metropolitan University on 11th September

The aim of the one-day course is to introduce you to the type of subjects you will study and demonstrate how the course will help you do your job more effectively. We will also cover some of the skills needed to study at postgraduate level.

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Place Management and Leadership

Postgraduate Taster Day Overview

11th September 2019




Arrival: tea and coffee – Room 4.07B MMU Business School



Steve Millington

Course overview



Gary Warnaby

Introducing Place Management and Branding

  • What is a place, and how can places be conceptualised?
  • Defining management, marketing and branding  in the context of places
  • Place branding: definitions, activities and issues



Lunch and networking



Steve Millington

What makes a good street?


  • What makes a good street – group discussion
  • Losing the street
  • Reclaiming the street



Tim Edensor

Site specific Place Making


  • Reclaiming sterile streets
  • Site specific arts and festivals
  • Creating engaging streets and places



Steve Millington

Summary and Q+A




Close/optional social event