The 2017 Diploma in Market Administration was announced at the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) Conference in Stratford-Upon-Avon on Tuesday. The course is now open for registratiion and the new course starts on 28th February 2017.

The announcement came a day after 24 people were presented with their certificates for having completed the 2016 programme (see photo above).

The Diploma in Market Administration is run by NABMA in association with the Institute of Place Management. Run over six days, the course covers topics such as marketing and communications, working with traders and stakeholders, market law, health and safety, market operations, and business planning. To complete the course, participants have to successfully complete three assignments.

The 24 people successfully completing the course in 2016 established a record for a single year, and now some 80 people hold the Diploma. They were presented with their awards by Professor Gary Warnaby of the Institute, and Allan Hartwell of Market Place Europe gave awards to the outstanding candidates.

The course cost for 2017 is £1,000 plus VAT and it is held in Derby, England. The course is open to market officers and associated staff in allied organisations. Participants automaticaly become Associates of the Institute for their year of study.

The Diploma is part of NABMA's commitment to professional development for market managers. They have now appointed Stephen Pickering, the retiring manager of Warrington's market, as their new Professional Development Consultant and the theme of next year's conference will be professional development. Several presentations at this year's conference, themed on maximising your market asset, reflected this investment. New data is being gathered by NABMA and the National Association of Market Traders (NMTF) on the performance of markets and this was reported to the conference. Other presentations demonstrated the insight professional managers can bring to ensuring the sustainability of markets. This commitment was also refelcted in the conference drawing nearly 200 delegates from across the UK.