Bloom Consulting have released their 2014-2015 Country Brand Ranking Trade Edition. This covers 180 countries and for the fourth year running it ranks the USA in top position, followed by China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. The latter has risen four places since the ranking was last compiled. Australia has climbed three places to rank 8th, whilst Canada has fallen four to now sit tenth and Germany has fallen five places to 12th.

 Bloom Consulting defines five different Country, Region, and City (CRC) Branding objectives or dimensions:

1. Increase of Exports

2. Attraction of Investment

3. Attraction of Tourism

4. Attraction of Talent

5. Increase national Prominence

 They say that “Each of these five objectives and dimensions has a specific target audience with distinct needs. The Investment target audience, for example, is international investors, whose main aim is to seek an advantage when looking for a location to invest. Bloom Consulting’s methodology therefore focuses on isolating each objective or dimension in order to develop unique and tailored strategies for all five dimensions.”

 The report notes that “Bloom Consulting derives its annual Country Brand Ranking © from our proprietary Bloom Algorithm. We have only considered investment-related variables in the formation of the algorithm. The final results of our ranking not only measure perceptions of a trade specific Country Brand, but also classify its relative branding performance in a tangible and realistic manner. Our algorithm, accordingly, comprises four key variables used to analyze the success of 180 unique Country Brands, as well as their relative performance as compared to one another.”

 The four variables used are:

  1. Economic Performance (based on Net Foreign Direct Investment inflows and growth);
  2. Digital Demand - D2 © (Developed by Bloom Consulting, the D2 © tool measures the total online search volume for investment related topics within each of the 180 countries);
  3. Country Brand Strategy Rating (evaluates the accuracy of the strategy by the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) for each country);
  4. Online Performance (which analyses and evaluates the total online presence of a Country Brand)

The report provides more detail on the methodology, provides a ranking of the top 25 countries internationally and then looks in detail at rankings by continent.