Place management experience can fast track you to a Master's degree

Your years of work as a place management practitioner can now earn you credits on the MSc in Place Management and Leadership offered by Manchester Metropolitan University. The most experienced practitioners will now be able to complete a Masters in just eighteen months, whilst still working full time.

The Advanced Standing admission route has been agreed between the Institute of Place Management and Manchester Metropolitan University. The Masters in Place Management and Leadership is the only course of its kind in the world. Once you obtain your Masters, you will, in most cases, be eligible to become a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management and be a recognised expert in the field. Completing, or studying for, the MSc means you can also be considered to become one of our High Street Task Force Experts, as well.

This is the first time the new admission has been available. It has been put in place as a result of feedback from experienced IPM members who may not be able to study the complete course, but still want formal recognition for their expertise as well as the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to a higher level.

Recruitment for those with Advanced Standing is now open but we still encourage applicants who can to study the whole MSc, as feedback from those that have studied the course with us demonstrates how valuable all the content is, even to the most experienced professionals.

For those considering applying for the MSc in Place Management and Leadership with Advance Standing then you could be eligible for up to 90 credits of the 180 required for a Master's degree if you are a Member or Fellow of the Institute of Place Management (if you are not at the moment you can find out your eligibility and how to join here)*, have a degree, six years relevant place management experience and can demonstrate a significant impact on place management or policy. Talk to us to find out how best to demonstrate impact.

If you qualify in this way, then you will be required to study Place Intelligence and Forecasting, Research Methods and complete a Dissertation that most students relate to their current employment, though that is not a requirement.

If you only have 3 years relevant experience but are a Member of the Institute and hold a degree in a relevant area you can be eligible for up to 60 credits out of the 180 required, meaning the course can be completed in two years.

If you not eligible for Advanced Standing, you may still be awarded credits through Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning. You will need to apply for the course you want (1 year Post-Graduate Certificate, 2 year Post-Graduate Diploma or the Masters) and then discuss with us your experience. A fee applies to the assessment of Accreditation of Prior Learning. This approach is also open to those with membership of professional bodies other than the IPM where we have an agreement. This currently only applies to the Landscape Institute but we hope to extend this. Call us to discuss.

Recruitment is now open for studies to start in January 2020. Click here to hear from some recent students about the course. Follow this link for more information and assistance available.

If you are interested in studying place management and leadership we are hosting a webinar on the 27th November (10-11) to introduce you to the course. Please email to book your place.

*If you work for a BID that is a member of The BID Foundation you may already be an Associate, Member or Fellow of the Institute through their subscription – contact us to find out if in doubt.

Photos above are some of our students from the MSc in Place Management and Leadership graduating in 2019