PhD Opportunities in Place at Manchester Metropolitan University

PhD Scholarship Competition 2016

Manchester Metropolitan University has made £2.5 million available for PhD scholarships to support the most talented and ambitious new researchers across a wide range of specialist subjects, including place management. 

We are looking for high quality PhD candidates to help us deliver outstanding research that will increase our understanding of place making, place marketing and place management.  Our place PhD topics are expected to have impact and, ultimately, make better places. 

As the world's first industrial city, Manchester is a fascinating location to study how places change and adapt. With a 250 year history of world-changing innovation, it is a fitting base to explore the application of new technologies. Likewise, with the region's strong history of political and social movements, Manchester is an ideal place to explore alternatives to dominant economic systems and structures.

Competition Timeline

  • Submit your application by 9am on the 21 March
  • Interviews with be held between Tuesday 29 March and Thursday 7 April
  • The University Review panel will take place on the week commencing 25 April
  • Applicants will be informed of their Scholarship application outcome by 31 May

All applicants should please read the PhD scholarship competition 2016 guidance notes for detailed advice and instructions on how to apply for Manchester Met PhD scholarship.


Department stores and the making of the modern city 1830-1930

The social and cultural value of light festivals in place making and place identity formation

Augmented Reality (AR) retail experience in tourism Deadline 29th Feb 2016

Arts festivals in Manchester’s suburbs: Rethinking cultural consumption at the edges Deadline 29th Feb 2016

Farewell to growth: Rethinking marketing in a degrowth context 

Mapping Manchester Poetry: Developing New Approaches to Digital Literary Geography

Modelling the dynamics of town centre change

Place information systems: Improving the effectiveness of town centre decision making

Perceptions of place: It's role in the attraction and retention of graduates, and their human capital, to the Manchester City Region. 

Contemporary light festivals; place making, creativity and community

Enhancing the customer experience of places through augmented and virtual reality