The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has released a new report entitled "Give Peace a Chance". The report calls for action to ensure the tranquillity of places.

CPRE believe that tranquillity is a natural resource, and an essential quality of the countryside. It is a much valued aspect of human experience that the CPRE has long championed. Although found in many places, it is the countryside that gives us the best chance to experience it. With its broad views, woodlands and heaths, wildlife, the sounds of nature, massive skies, and open water, the rural environment offers us many opportunities to experience deep tranquillity. It enables us to appreciate the beauty and harmony of the natural world. Tranquillity is a central part of why the countryside matters deeply to so many people and the reason many want to spend time there.

The report, released on 24 May 2015, calls on the UK's new Government to take action to value and protect the character of the countryside, which gives people beautiful and tranquil places to enjoy and enriches their lives. The report says that there is a need to make the tranquillity policy that is already in national planning policy more effective. To do that improved guidance and an up-to-date evidence base are required to support tranquillity policy at local and national level.

Local planning authorities were surveyed for the report, to explore local progress on introducing a tranquillity policy into planning. The report concludes with a series of recommendations.