Thought Leadership

Work with the Institute to programme your local event to kick-start place transformation

Our recent research, commissioned by the UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government demonstrated how important the process of blending expert and local knowledge is, for any place that is trying to achieve positive change.

Town centres and high streets are facing unprecedented change; there is widespread agreement that it is time for to do things differently. As a leading centre for place management and development the IPM has access a wide range of experts who are internationally renowned in a diverse range of subject areas and can help inject some ‘fresh thinking’ into your plans and discussions for the future. From economics to ecology and sustainability to sociology we can find you the right people who can challenge, create debate and channel thinking into positive action.

Our thought leadership support comes in two stages

  1. We discuss with place leaders and partnerships the problems your location faces and the culture, attitudes and behaviours that may need to change to deal with these challenges. This stage is undertaken by an experienced, interdisciplinary, academic that can help analyse your situation and signpost potential thought leadership from a range of subjects or professions. We then work with you to define the title, purpose and agenda of a local thought leadership event with learning outcomes designed to change attitudes and behaviours. This includes a plan for evaluation and recommendations of how learning can be put into practice as well as a shortlist of excellent speakers and/or chair for your event. £1,850 + VAT*

  2. We support your event planning with help and advice and accredit your thought leadership event as Continuing Professional Development. We provide an independent researcher to scribe during your event and provide a follow-up report for action. £1,850 + VAT. 

* Please note - chair/speaker fees are extra and are between £400 to £1200 per speaker, per event, depending on the input required. Travel and subsistence is also additional.

If you are interested in discussing our thought leadership support then please email