The process of applying for membership of IPM is as follows:



The first step to IPM membership is to establish the level of membership which is right for you. To do this, we have created a simple diagnostic which will identify the level of membership that fits best with your level of skills and experience. You can find this here



Before you can submit an application for membership, you will first need to register for an IPM account. This is a quick and easy process that should only take a couple of minutes. Once your account is set up, you will be emailed your login details, and given 30 days free access to IPM, during which time you should complete your membership application.



Once you have registered for your IPM account and completed the diagnostic to establish your recommended level of membership, you can apply to join us. The fastest and easiest method is to complete and submit an online application using the appropriate link below. The process is split into five easy steps and should take less than 10 minutes to complete.   

Please note that all applications for membership (with the exception of student level) are subject to a £90 assessment fee. This covers the administration and review costs.


I'd like to join as an Individual Member

Individual Membership

At IPM we know our members come from all corners of the place management industry. We therefore offer four different grades of membership (Friend Plus, Associate, Member, and Fellow) depending on your particular skills, knowledge and experience. With the help of our world-renowned training scheme, there are many opportunities to upgrade to another level of membership as your place management experience develops.

I'd like to join as a Student Member 

Student Membership
IPM Student Member (£50) status is available to Undergradate and Postgraduate students who intend to pursue a career in the field of place management, or are studying within a discipline whereby an understanding of place is a core element. This might include Geography, Planning, Architecture, Retailing, Sociology, Urban Design or Economics. Student membership includes almost full access to the whole of the IPM including most of its online resources.

I'd like to become a Partner

Partner membership is only open to organisations or partnerships. Your status as an IPM Partner communicates your collective support of place management to a wide range of people; like-minded associations, clients, potential funding bodies, professional colleagues and other stakeholders.
I'd like to renew my membership
Renewing Membership
If you are an existing member of IPM, you can renew online, as well as applying to progress your membership level. 

I'd like to be a Friend of IPM

IPM Friend
We appreciate that many of you may wish to support IPM without formally becoming a member, therefore please feel free to join us as a Friend. This entitles you to our monthly newsletter and occasional updates - though it does not include other Membership benefits, such as access to the Journal of Place Management & Development, nor does it entitle you to conference/events discounts.