MSc/PG Diploma/PG Cert in Place Management and Leadership - next intake January 2021

You can now apply for our MSc Place Management and Leadership with advanced standing

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The aim of the qualification is to develop confident, highly reflective and respected place managers, capable of strategic thinking and transformative but inclusive place management.

In addition to the full MSc (comprising 180 credits - 4x30 credit taught units plus 60 credit dissertation), we offer a PG Diploma (4x30 credit taught units), and a PG Cert (2x30 credit taught units).

Place management is an open and dynamic process, embracing new approaches to place change and governance.  For this reason, the course is also suitable for local politicians and local community members leading or contributing to place initiatives.


The programme will introduce students to contemporary and critical perspectives about place management and development covering: principles of place management, marketing and branding, governance and partnership development, place planning and development, place operations management and an independent research project.

Structure and delivery

Students are required to study four 30 credit units, plus dissertation, over two years (full MSc).  Each unit will provide a 3 day block of master classes taught in the Business School’s £75 million teaching and research headquarters on the All Saints Campus in Manchester. Each unit will also provide an online programme of distance learning and tutor support.  In addition to the taught units, students are required to complete a 60 credit independent research project in their final year.  Delivered by a team of internationally renowned academics and practitioners, all assessments are designed to have impact on specific locations and you will be able to network with managers and leaders in a variety of places.

Upon successful completion of the course students will receive an MSc in Place Management and Leadership.

Career prospects

Two thirds of over 400 surveyed UK town centre managers have identified that they want additional development in this area, and this need has also been mirrored in research undertaken in Europe, Australia and USA. Accordindly the programme is designed around the professional standards developed by the Institute of Place Management  to support those that are already in, or wish to move into a strategic role in place management.

Graduates can expect to combine their Place Management qualification with their current qualifications and personal achievements to develop a unique profile that stands out internationally

MMU is the only university to offer postgraduate qualifications in Place Management and Leadership. 

The course is fully accredited by the Institute of Place Management.  Successful  completion of the MSc in Place Management and Leadership enables graduates to apply for Fellow status.


Fees for 2021 (commencing January) have been set at £1542 per 30 credit unit. This fee applies to all home/EU and overseas students. This equates to the following course fees (which you can pay in instalments). Fees for 2020 will be available shortly.
£3,084 Postgraduate Certificate in Place Management and Leadership
£6,168 Postgraduate Diploma in Place Management and Leadership
£9,252 Masters of Science in Place Management and Leadership
If you are interested in studying for the Masters of Science in Place Management and Leadership, are a UK or EU national living in Engalnd, then you are likely to be eligible for a Postgraduate Masters Loan.

As part of our agreement with Manchester Metropolitan University, it is a requirement that in order to be enrolled on to the course all students must be members of IPM. Therefore if you are applying to join the programme, you must be a member of the Institute in order to enrol on the programme.  As we are approaching the deadline for applications then we would encourage interested applicant to submit course applications as soon as possible and, if necessary, apply for IPM membership at the same time.

Advanced Standing

Your years of work as a place management practitioner can now earn you credits on the MSc in Place Management and Leadership offered by Manchester Metropolitan University. The most experienced practitioners will now be able to complete a Masters in just eighteen months, whilst still working full time.

The Advanced Standing admission route has been agreed between the Institute of Place Management and Manchester Metropolitan University. For those considering applying for the MSc in Place Management and Leadership with Advance Standing then you could be eligible for up to 90 credits of the 180 required for a Master's degree if you are a Member or Fellow of the Institute of Place Management. If you are thinking of apply to our course with advanced standing, please get in touch with our course team, who will be able to advise.

Advanced Standing is only available to applicants for the full MSc

Provisional Outline Calendar

Our 2021 provisional course dates are:

- Induction day (20th January 2021)

- Principles of Place Management, Marketing and Branding (21st/22nd/23rd January 2021)

- Principles of Place Leadership, Governance and Partnership Development (13th/14th/15th May 2021)

- Place Development Theory and Practice (6th/7th/8th October 2021)

- Place Intelligence and Forecasting/Research Methods (19th/20th/21st/22nd January 2022)

- MSc Dissertation (May 2022- December 2022)

*Please note the dates that you study may vary if you apply to our course with advanced standing

To discuss the course with the Course Leader, Dr Steve Millington, please email 

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