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If you are looking at the future of your place and developing the necessary place leadership capacity, the first step may be a briefing from one of our experts to a small group of local leaders. The leadership briefing takes place over a one-day period.


What does the Leadership Briefing include?

Our programme can be adapted to meet local needs, for places of different scales. This day provides local leaders with some of the knowledge necessary for developing a response to the challenges facing a town or city centre, or a collection of centres (such as neighbourhoods, or different towns within a region).

The Leadership Briefing is delivered by Institute of Place Management staff who are each directly involved in our town and city centre research programmes and who are experienced in working with town and city centre stakeholders.

The briefing day includes:

  • Pre-briefing survey to identify the main challenges in the centre
  • Guided tour of the town centre for our expert by those with knowledge of the local position
  • Briefing by our expert to a group of local leaders on issues impacting town centres, key trends and data, and options for enhancing vitality and viability
  • Discussion session on options and interventions to consider
  • Briefing on where to access further research and support


The IPM Team

The leadership briefing may be carried out by one or more of the following IPM team:

Professor Cathy Parker MBE is Co-Chair of the Institute and Professor of Retail and Marketing Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was the lead investigator on High Street UK 2020 and lead researcher on Bringing Big Data to Small Users project. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Place Management and Development, a recognised authority on retail in town and city centres and is widely published.

Dr Steve Millington is a Director of Place-Making at the Institute and Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. He was co-investigator on the High Street UK 2020 and the Bringing Big Data to Small Users research programmes and has worked extensively with individual town and city centres. Steve lead's IPM's Vital and Viable Neighbourhoods programme.

Ben Stephenson is a fellow of the institute and has been involved in place development for 15 years. He is former CEO of We Are Waterloo Business Improvement District, has developed a Neighbourhood Plan, and extensive experience of working to develop regeneration strategies.


How to book a Leadership Briefing

The Place Leadership briefing is delivered exclusively to IPM members and partners, prices vary subject to bespoke requirements of the session.

If you are interested in the Leadership Briefing, please get in touch.

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