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Our Objectives

IPM is the international professional body that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better. It aims to support and develop the profession of place management through, but not restricted to:

  1. Establishing place management as a recognised and valued profession and career opportunity

  2. Supporting the formalisation and sustainability of place management models

  3. Providing peer-reviewed place management research and working with others to develop insight and intelligence that makes better places

  4. Linking place managers, academics, students, organisations and policymakers to a global network of people passionate about place

  5. Offering world-class qualifications to develop capacity and enable professionals to make a more senior contribution to place development

  6. Delivering a framework of Continuing Professional Development for personal growth and advancement across the place management sector

  7. Provide, and also work in partnership, to develop the necessary training for place professionals to develop their skills and work more effectively

  8. Lead innovation through the delivery of large-scale projects that can challenge and transform the profession

  9. Improve the quality of third-party service provision (training, consultancy, research, education) to the place management sector
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