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Book one of the Institute's Experts for your event.

Our recent research, commisioned by the UK Secratary of State for Communities and Local Government demonstrated how important the process of blending expert and local knowledge is, for any place that is trying to achieve positive change.

We know that our Members and Partners organise many local events, to help people and organisations understand the challenges that are facing their places and come up with pragmatic solutions.

If you think it would be beneficial to have someone from IPM present or speak at your event, then please get in touch. Expert speakers are happy to contribute to BID AGMs, Town Hall meetings, regeneration consultations or any event where you think it would be helpful to have some external insight.


Simon Quin is a Visiting Professor and Co-Chair of the Institute. He has worked with town centres for over 25 years, led our work with towns through the research projects, was Chief Executive of ATCM from 2004-2010, Town Centre Manager in Romord then Reading, and has served on the Boards of the International Downtown Association and Town Centre Management Europe.

Professor Cathy Parker is Co-Chair of the Institute and Professor of Retail and Marketing Enterprise. She was the lead investigator on High Street UK 2020 and lead researcher on Bringing Big Data to Small Users project. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Place Management and Development, a recognised authority on retail in town and city centres and is widely published.

Dr Steve Millington is the Director of Place Making at the Institute and Reader in Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. He was lead investigator on the High Street 2030: Achieving Change project, co-investigator on High Street UK 2020 and the Bringing Big Data to Small Users research programmes, and has worked extensively with individual town and city centres. 

Catherine Mitton is the Executive Director for the Institute of Place Management and The BID Foundation. Catherine has 15 years’ experience leading teams in the place management industry, with expertise in creating strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, having delivered intricate projects for local government. Last year Catherine graduated from a top 20 Russell Group university with a MBA, which included completing a research piece on effective corporate governance practices within English BIDs.

Ares Kalandides is Professor of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and a Senior Fellow and Director of the Institute of Place Management as well as founder and CEO of the Berlin-based consultancy Inpolis Urbanism. He has consulted place managers around the world, and implemented various projects in many different locations. Ares holds a PhD in urban and regional planning from the National Technical University of Athens.

Going forward

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We do not charge a fee if we are asked to speak at an event by a Member or Partner. If you are not a Member of IPM or The BID Foundation or a Partner the IPM then we charge a £250 + VAT speaking fee.


We will do our best to find you a suitable Expert Speaker for your event, but please give us as much notice as possible. We will always prioritise engagements for Members or Partners, but we cannot guarantee availability.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence

Speakers need their travel and subsistence costs covered, this includes hotel accommodation when necessary. They do not have expensive tastes, and only travel by public transport! Speakers prefer their hosts to arrange travel and accommodation - so once you have booked your Speaker, please liase with them directly to find out their travel and accommodation preferences. Please also let them know how they should claim any subsistence costs (e.g. breakfast or dinner).